Geraldine Nesbitt

Writer, editor


1. What is your contribution as an associate to Features & More?
I am a writer. It is my responsibility to run through the photoshoots with various home owners, and use the information to write articles which are then sold to various magazines at home and abroad. For example, my Christmas feature appeared in Ideal Homes, in the UK.



2. What do you have in common with Features & More?

Before linking up with Features & More, I wrote and translated articles for a trend forecaster who advises interior designers, suppliers and DIY centers on color and form. Prior to that I had an art gallery, primarily to showcase my own work. I have always been passionate about creating ambiance, self-expression and comfort. At Features & More I am able to combine this passion with my writing skills.



3. What is your favourite topic to write about?

If I had to define a favorite, it would have to be the houses that have been transformed on a budget, and truly reflect the heart of their owner. I recently interviewed two home owners, both women. One was European, one Latin American and their houses couldn’t be more different. Yet, their drive and motivation was the same. To create a home that mirrored their heart. Nothing beats listening to these home owners talk about their passion. | back to overview