Ivar Janssen



1. What is your contribution to as an associate to Features&More? 

I am a photographer, I’m looking for the best shot to capture: everything in which I can express the unique side of humanity. My work is a translation of the feeling, emotion and mood of how people interact and live together. I consider my features  captivating and artistic.


2. What do you have in common with Features&More? 

The love for authenticity, ambiance, style and character of the interior of a home and the people who live there.  It is all about the feeling of being there, of taking the viewer to the location of the photo to feel like I did when the shot was taken. 


3. What is your favourite topic to photograph? 

The combination of interior and ambiance features as well as travel diaries is very challenging for me. But, to be honest...the freedom of making a travel diary is by far the best thing to do. 


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