Peggy Janssen



1. What is your contribution as an associate to Features & More?

As a freelance photographer I produce interior features for the agency. We mutually trace inspiring opportunities for creating great productions. However my contribution is first and foremost photography and image editing.


2. What do you have in common with Features & More?

The love for interiors, design, traveling and special places. For me, my job has become a lifestyle.


I cannot do without it and never get bored with it. What we share is that we want to get the most out of a production and won’t settle for less. Each time we get excited about the results and we can’t wait to emerge into the next venture. We enjoy the diversity of styles, be it industrial, rustic, vintage or anything exceptional. 


3. What is your favourite topic to photograph?

It is difficult to pin down to one favourite, but I adore interiors, lifestyle or food topics. What matters to me most is that the subject pleases the eye. | back to overview