Wilma Custers

Founder, stylist and creative director


1. What do you contribute as an associate to Features & More?

My extensive experience working as a producer, stylist and writer on an international level made it logical to establish my own editorial agency. I believe that my creative instinct to source the out-of-the-ordinary, together with a sharp eye for detail, are evident in every feature that we produce and it makes me very happy to share them with the readers of interior and lifestyle magazines worldwide.

My many collaborative relationships with international photographers ensure that Features & More is able to take advantage of local, inside knowledge, almost anywhere in the world. Today, my agency is also a platform for other professionals for whom we represent their work internationally. We all share the same thought: seeking to capture the exceptional, the enchanting and the personal...


2. What is your favourite topic to work on within Features & More? 

I think I cannot answer this question easily...

But I simply adore the professional way our beautiful images and fascinating stories trigger the senses of those who take a moment to look at them. | back to overview